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Revival of repealed Instruments: The Notification No.
The statement added that Border Forces in Anbar province repealed an armed attack on border posts forcing armed persons to flee.
If business owners are permitted to operate with the assurance that the death tax will be permanently repealed, resources currently allocated to mitigating the tax can be reinvested into expanding the businesses, thus shoring up job opportunities and providing a much-needed stimulus to local economies.
NHTSA found that motorcycle helmet use in Florida fell by about 50 percent after the state legislature repealed the requirement for riders 22 and older.
American has said it will shift flights to Dallas' Love Field if the Wright Amendment is repealed.
Prior studies have demonstrated increased costs when helmet laws are repealed, with nonhelmeted motorcyclists representing a disproportionate amount of those costs.
Bush Administration officials, including Zoellick, have warned that the Dominican Republic would be dropped from the pact if the tax was not repealed.
Until FSC-ETI is repealed, 1600 United States products destined for Europe will face new tariffs.
If the FSC/ETI provisions are repealed without the enactment of reasonable alternatives, the results will be both inequitable and dramatic (2)--significantly increasing the effective tax rates of many companies.
The estate tax, commonly known as the "death tax," was repealed last year through 2010.
After that, the estate tax is repealed for one year, and then the repeal is repealed after 2010.
In December 1999, legislation repealed the availability of installment-method reporting for accrual-basis taxpayers.