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SIXTY-THREE per cent of shows on the BBC last year were repeats.
They did not invent a new genotyping method but used the well-known multiple locus variable analysis (MLVA) number of tandem repeats approach.
By the end of the year, however, ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, UPN and WB will stop telling listings services if a show is a repeat.
The Celera Diagnostics fragile X research assay is a PCR assay that co-amplifies a novel gender-specific gene simultaneously with triplet repeats up to 645 units, and sizes repeats up to 230 units on ABI PRISM(R) 3100 and 3130 Genetic Analyzers.
A freedom of information request revealed there were 2736 repeats on BBC1 - 32.
and has multiple repeats this month on HBO and HBO Family.
A caspase inhibitor added to brain cells containing these repeats prevented the cells from dying, says Yuan.
Repeats include wildlife show Animal 24:7, Homes Under the Hammer and Diagnosis Murder.
Showing a program once and then not showing it again for six months is a very old-fashioned model,'' said Kellner, whose cable network TNT repeats episodes of the WB's ``Charmed'' a few days after their Thursday premiere.
This variation in number of repeats results from the difficulty that the DNA copying machinery of cells has in processing repetitive DNA sequences.
The Yfiler kit provides a tool for detecting low-level male contributors to samples via amplification of male-specific (Y chromosome) short tandem repeats (STRs).
The repeats escaped them when injuries - to among others, Willis Reed, Cazzie Russell and Jackson - intervened.