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History never repeats itself exactly, but it seems clear that if (when) this Iranian Administration gets nuclear weapons, it is highly likely that it will give them to terrorists.
But if the economy continues to gain momentum and history repeats itself, we should have a healthier real estate market characterized by an availability rate much closer to equilibrium in 2005 and 2006.
A shimmery three-tone phrase repeats itself as the dancers exit, one woman lifted in a split over the heads of the group, gently floating home.
It history repeats itself look out for wanna-bes in hip huggers and crop tops
PROUD dad John Clark proved that family history repeats itself - when he delivered his baby daughter in the toilet.
The drill then continues in the same fashion, with #3 rebounding #5's shot and firing back to #5 as he moves up the left sideline, and the drill then repeats itself to the other half of the court.
There has not been much room for comedy in the way history repeats itself in the Arab World; rather, tragedy follows upon tragedy.
290 pages, $15 paperback), is about the ancient pattern that repeats itself in every generation.
Queloz cautions that he and Mayor haven't studied Pegasi 51 long enough to determine whether this long-term wobble repeats itself, as it must if a planet is the culprit.
Since history repeats itself, this book bears reading as both factual record and metaphor, with a jaundiced eye toward the present.