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Scientists have long known that insects could smell DEET, Montell noted, but the new study showing taste molecules also are involved has suggested that the repellant deters biting and feeding because it activates taste cells that are present on the insect's tongue, legs and wing margins.
Since DEET can result in an allergic reaction inside the mouth, the child's mouth should be rinsed out with water to remove as much of the repellant as possible.
s ability to develop brand recognition and distributor relationships for its products, execute its business strategy in a very competitive environment, its lack of financial resources, risks related to market acceptance and demand for its products and its ability to successfully develop and market innovative products such as a sunscreen formulation containing a chemical shark repellant and liabilities related to product performance.
Experimentation on catnip as a repellant is in its early phases, concurs entomologist Florence V.
Alaskan seabirds called crested auklets carry a citrus-smelling chemical in their feathers that could be one of the few examples ever found of a homegrown avian pest repellant.
Milliken & Company(R), one of the world's largest privately-held textile and chemical manufacturers, today announced that StainSmart(R), the company's newest dual-action stain repel-and-release fabric, outperforms leading single-action stain repellant fabrics in the apparel markets according to a recent study conducted by the Clothes Care Research Center (TM) (CCRC).