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This is a comparative test, and the concept was to see how treated and untreated stencil materials behaved with respect repellency.
Thus, the structural characteristics compatible with optimal water repellency are, at least in part, in conflict with the requirements of resistance to water penetration.
Soil water repellency can be induced by fire (Doerr et al.
Analysis of the effects of burn severity on both soil total carbon and water repellency at Wentworth Falls indicated that only the soil carbon data required transformation (log n), whereas the soil water repellency data were left in their natural state due to their normal distribution (Figs 5, 6).
The new material, planned to be marketed as a comfortable, stain-resistant fabric for all seasons, will be used for sportswear, uniforms and fashionable clothing such as blouses, cut and sewn clothing, and slacks that require both oil repellency and sweat absorption.
Chromium in CCA-treated wood is reported to react with lignin and form a water-insoluble chromate ester, (19) which increases water repellency of wood and decreases UV degradation of wood by modifying lignin.
The water repellency is clearly revealed by the beading effect the emulsion produces on wood surfaces after weathering.
The main objective of this study was the improvement of the water and oil repellency properties of wood-based panels, like particleboards and MDFs, without impairing their mechanical properties and/or physical appearance.
P2i's patented pulsed plasma process delivers hydrophobic nano-coatings which provide the highest levels of liquid repellency.
An enhanced version of its predecessor, Restore 10X Advanced offers superior weather resistance and ultimate water repellency protecting the surface from the harshest of weather conditions.
2012), the impacts on soil water repellency have not been specifically considered, either in terms of ongoing site management in eucalypt plantations or as part of the sustainability criteria for bioenergy plantations (Scarlat and Dallemand 2011).
FluoroTechnology products offer unique performance properties for the outdoor apparel industry, such as breathable membranes and long-lasting DWR finishes that provide water repellency, oil repellency, stain resistance and soil release with abrasion resistant finishes for apparel and equipment.