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Hazard: The pest repellers employ an electrical receptacle.
In a new paper published in the Journal of Economic Entomology, two researchers from Northern Arizona University pitted lab-raised bedbugs against four commercially available sound-based devices: the Transonic Pro, made by Chicago-based BIRD-X; the SonicIQ Ultrasonic pest repeller from SmartWorks; Pest Free, made by Orlando, Fla.
Its repellers include aliens that guard power-ups and narrow passageways.
Imperfect fractal repellers and irregular families of periodic orbits in a 3-D model potential.
Electronic repellers do not repel host-seeking mosquitoes.
who sold more than 400,000 of his Riddex electronic pest repellers on QVC's original Quest in 1995.
The market for nanoscale anti-microbial, easy-clean and self-cleaning coatings will grow across all sectors over the next few years, with the medical, household care and food processing markets all experiencing large growth, driven by the need for improved sanitary facilities and also pushed by the vast improvements these coatings offer as germ and dirt repellers.
And once you design your perfect space, make sure you're able to enjoy it by avoiding pesky mosquitoes with the Terminix ALLCLEAR line of misters and repellers.
High-tech weapons range from propane-powered mosquito traps to electronic bug zappers to sonic repellers designed to frighten mosquitoes away by emitting sound frequencies that mimic the dragonfly, the mosquito's arch enemy.
The TableTop and SideKick Mosquito Repellers use a fan-based diffusion technology to circulate a botanical mixture of lemongrass, cinnamon, peppermint and geranium oils that's safe, when used as directed, to protect people outdoors without needing to spray anything on the skin.