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Voorwa Apwiya mahiku oomaliha awo / When the Lord comes those last days Muchu oocheka hanarowa wirimu / The person of sin will not go to heaven Nyenya oocharuwa onaya vamukwahani / But a repenter is going on a journey Mukwaha wooyano wa Apwiya / A journey going to the Lord.
Iran was not invited to Paris, which I would call a Coalition of Repenters, because most participants in that meeting, in one form or another, provided support to ISIS in the course of its creation and upbringing and expansion--actually, at the end of the day, creating a Frankenstein that came to haunt its creators.
He went on to advise the United States and its coalition - which he called as the Coalition of Repenters - to learn a lesson from the past and deal with this problem, because the ISIL is the same terrorist organization, whether in Iraq or in Syria.