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I repeated all this to Atkins, who looked very serious all the while, and, as we could easily perceive, was more than ordinarily affected with it; when being eager, and hardly suffering me to make an end, "I know all this, master," says he, "and a great deal more; but I have not the impudence to talk thus to my wife, when God and my conscience know, and my wife will be an undeniable evidence against me, that I have lived as if I had never heard of a God or future state, or anything about it; and to talk of my repenting, alas
But I repented immediately; I've been repenting ever since.
Thus, in the case of an ancient coffin of rough stone, supposed, for many generations, to contain the bones of a certain baron, who, after ravaging, with cut, and thrust, and plunder, in foreign lands, came back with a penitent and sorrowing heart to die at home, but which had been lately shown by learned antiquaries to be no such thing, as the baron in question (so they contended) had died hard in battle, gnashing his teeth and cursing with his latest breath-- the bachelor stoutly maintained that the old tale was the true one; that the baron, repenting him of the evil, had done great charities and meekly given up the ghost; and that, if ever baron went to heaven, that baron was then at peace.
Repenting frequently is a sign of a believer's humility and awareness of his weakness in front of Allah.
Jesus himself says that the story of the woman looking for the coin is an example of a sinner repenting.
Bush repenting on behalf of the nation, culminating in a movement of God's hand across America to bring healing, restoration and unprecedented unity and prosperity.
ISLAMABAD, October 02, 2009 (Frontier Star): Ahmad Raza Kasuri, veteran lawyer has said Americans are repenting over their role in early departure of former president Pervez Musharraf from power.
As a country, we might even consider repenting from hostility toward other nations (Iraq, to name just one).
Repenting before them, they embraced me in a group huddle and deep communal tears of restoration were shed.