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96) A separate violation does not occur where the same false statement is made repetitiously in response to identical government questions posed on different occasions.
Ironically, in his inveighing against ecumenism, the Orange leader invoked the "e" word four times in as many sentences, apparently innocent of the fact that his overmuch protest served to re-inscribe what he so repetitiously rejected.
And if we admit that the very commonplaces of our lives--Antin discusses breathing and walking--seem continuous but are repetitiously discontinuous, eccentric, then have we not an agenda, the possible grounds, for an appreciation of our common and singular experience--that is, its growth?
Without a doubt, most workers in the wood industries are exposed routinely and repetitiously to both natural and synthetic chemicals, and to wood and other dusts as well.
In intensive programs where children are "drilled" repetitiously, with minimum variance in reinforcers the term "Good Job", typically deployed as a generalized reinforcer, can for example come to function as the [sup.
The AD patient initially repeats words and questions (echolalia), then repetitiously states one word (paralalia) and finally, repeats only the first syllable of the word (logoconia).
He knows how to tell a story entertainingly, at times repetitiously, in a racy Portuguese shot through with slang and Cape Verdean expressions, though the context usually makes their meaning clear.
Ferguson Reorganized School District R-2,(2) the eighth circuit ruled that a school district does not violate the first amendment to the Constitution for disciplining a teacher who allows students to use profanity repetitiously and egregiously in their schoolwork.
Rubbra is an excellent craftsman, carefully building his music upon themes that are developed insistently but never merely repetitiously.
At this point, the metaphors begin to exhaust themselves, as most of Cervantes's literary loci (the pastoral, the cave of Montesinos, the Duke's castle, to mention but three), and his geographical borrowings (the Gypsy encampment, the Barbarous Isle, the New World, even the Christian cosmos), are categorized repetitiously in brief subsections according to their temporal/spatial dimensions.
Each part begins with the same visual sequence, the same original tune and, somewhat repetitiously, with the introduction of the panel.
The emitting transducer was repetitiously energized every 0.