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Identifying risk factors that can cause problems (repetitive motion, awkward postures and long periods of repetitive activities).
Gabriels of the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Denver, and her colleagues compared the presence of frequent/severe repetitive behaviors and mood/behavioral problems in preschool children diagnosed with an ASD with those of a chronologic-age matched, typically developing control group.
In our program, we emphasize getting yourself ready weeks before the work actually starts or you'll find it a pretty tough slog and dangerous in terms of repetitive strain injuries.
David Withers, president, Coldwater Group, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, says that in addition to being enormously repetitive and time-consuming, safety training standards are widely divergent and some are inappropriate for service personnel.
U is producing copiers on a routine and repetitive basis, because they are mass-produced.
This is the cross-linking of collagen fibers to ensure that the tendon will again withstand the tension imposed on it by repetitive stress.
Shafer, who assesses corporate workers' compensation practices, recently dealt with a major credit card company that had call center employees with repetitive stress injuries.
Strong noted that performance reviews of other Michigan community colleges also cited problems with repetitive course enrollments.
Repetitive loss properties represent a significant portion of annual flood insurance program claims.
And I do mean always; I eventually lost count of how many of these repetitive, near-miss conversations the movie piles on before finally lumbering to its pretty predictable conclusion.
Clubb and Mason also studied repetitive, or stereotypic, pacing because it's the most common tic reported in captive carnivores and one that all the species share.
Both ruddy cherrywood and taut cables were evocative of musical instruments, while the repetitive but varied forms were partly intended by the designers to evoke music itself.