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Microsoft also hid the functions that replace ScanDisk in XP, but you can access them the same way; however, Microsoft omitted the Backup Now option for some reason.
CTR: Where do you think Gigabit Ethernet will replace Fibre Channel?
That is why we have 5 (at the wing) pass to 3 and cut into the lane and then out to the same-side corner, looking for the ball as 4 v-cuts to replace him.
And while contractors are anxious to retrofit or replace systems, building owners and managers do not have the luxury of focusing only on the hvac/r system.
This gave the taxpayer until December 1993 to replace the business property.
The crew will also replace the telescope's Wide-Field/Planetary Camera with a newer, more sensitive version that has a built-in corrective mirror.
The deck lid, a composite Santoprene/rigid polypropylene design, would replace EPDM foam weatherstripping and reduce the part weight per foot by more than 50%.
Janssen estimates it will cost $700,000 to replace the seal on thousands of items in various county facilities.
But when the frame and front structure start going bad, the cost to fix or replace them often can be too high to justify.
Point 1: Replace wings whenever they become cutters.
While at the customer's location, a service technician may replace a number of parts for diagnostic purposes in order to determine which part has failed.