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06 ( ANI ): The Northern Railways has replaced an old railway bridge in seven hours.
Bushings, tools and retainer bars are replaced, while the piston, cylinder and pressure accumulator are inspected.
Caveat: If destroyed property is replaced with property located or used outside the Hurricane Katrina disaster area, taxpayers or their businesses have only three or four years (depending on the type of property) from the time they receive insurance proceeds to purchase replacement property.
Elimination of earned income tax credit, which would be replaced with a "Work Credit" and coordinated with the Family Credit.
Older uniform downlighting is replaced with a combination of downlights and indirect lighting to make it easier to read the button panel.
It's excellent management to be able to view the record of a piece of equipment and know that you've replaced a part three times in the past year.
Open standards typically enable the human interface to be replaced first followed by the rest of the system.
Although I am sure that the fibrin glue works to approximate flaps, I would like to point out that it appears in the article that the septum is not reconstructed--that is, removed cartilage and bone are not replaced to create a rigid septum.
GOMER JONES, on the real reason he was replacing Bud Wilkinson at Oklahoma: "After all the trouble Oklahoma had replacing a diety like Bud, I want to make it very easy for them to replace the guy who replaced Bud.
Yet while these benefits do exist, to date disks have not replaced tape--at least not to the extent that was predicted.
Yes, Microsoft replaced it with a new utility that's just as good as ScanDisk.