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TOKYO -- TOSHIBA TEC (TOKYO:6588) announced their new generation of Auto ID barcode label printers for the manufacturing, supply chain and retail industries, zooming in on a clear-cut market demand for lower cost replacement solutions with a solid ROI and no-nonsense operations.
Performance Technologies (Nasdaq: PTIX), a leading provider of innovative communications solutions, today announced that TynTec GmbH, a global mobile messaging provider, has purchased the company's SEGway(TM) Link Replacement Solution to enhance their network performance and support a greater volume of text messages.
The Folicure team are always ready to assist any customers who are interested to try any of their hair loss and hair replacement solution services.
Offering the smallest, fastest form factor at the best possible value, 10ZiG Thin Clients Powered by 2X are the ideal desktop replacement solution for a virtualized environment enabling the user to connect to a variety of servers and virtual desktops with 2X ApplicationServer XG.
The product suite will include DataLase(R) CASEMARK(TM) , a cost effective label replacement solution for secondary packaging, DataLase(R) FOODMARK(TM) for on-product marking of foodstuffs and DataLase(R) PHARMAMARK(TM) for on-tablet marking applications.
These new wins represent continued expansion for the company and position the consolidated messaging platform as the replacement solution of choice for many operators worldwide.
The successful vendor shall be responsible for the assessment of the current system, the existing infrastructure and general conditions so they can provide a proposal for the appropriate replacement solution.
TSheets, the time tracking technology company with over 20,000 worldwide users, offers a full-scale replacement solution for businesses left in the lurch, with flexible time tracking, management and reporting that integrates directly into QuickBooks.
These abnormalities may be corrected by changing the formulations of replacement solution or by supplementation.
We feel the AXG Migration Guide will cement our position as the ideal choice for organizations seeking a swift, seamless Cisco replacement solution.
com), is putting its secure, encrypted, SMS services to use as a driving force behind the pager replacement solution in the healthcare industry.
The syringe contains the first commercially available heparin replacement solution - a combination of 4% Sodium Citrate and 30% Ethanol in water for injection.

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