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One of the integral parts of Restore, Replenish, Renewis the Litany for Healing in which caregivers acknowledge their weariness: "We arrive at this place tired .
Water watchers are trying to stop the waste with various plans to catch storm water and use it to replenish diminishing underground aquifers.
This overextraction is called water mining, and it's a big problem in many areas of the United States, where the demands of exploding populations are outstripping the ability of the hydrologic system to replenish the supply.
HK) is studying various options to replenish its capital.
Since the sleeping brain is much less active than the waking one, sleep allows the organ to replenish its energy, they proposed.
County officials said they at one point looked into using the effluent to replenish groundwater but dropped the idea.
The female reproductive tract cannot replenish that supply.
The Los Angeles County Department of Public Works is proposing a massive, $100 million watershed project that aims to catch runoff over a four-square-mile area, filter it and store it underground to reuse and to replenish groundwater.
These were the only cells that worked [to replenish the white blood cells of immunodeficient mice], so we think they must be candidate human stem cells," Weissman says.