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1977) Muscle glycogen repletion after high-intensity intermittent exercise.
Finally, we sought evidence of improved swallowing following nutritional repletion, as added evidence of a causal PEM-dysphagia relationship.
Some took carotene supplements throughout the study; the others added supplements only during the repletion phase.
If we range wider in the Practica Brevis translation, we find a host of other items which Paschold and the dictionaries can only, record from the fourteenth century: abbominacion (distaste for food), alienation (des sens), coillion (de la matriz = ovary), confricacion*, disposition*, eructuation acetouse, flors, jomentation, inunction, mollificatif*, mucillage*, muscillagineus*, multiplication, mundificatif nutritif, repletion, scotomie*, secondine*, siphac*, sperme, sternutation*, vertu contentive*, etc.
Crevey told us, "A lot of attention is now being directed toward athletes, and magnesium repletion has become a very important part of almost all training programs.
BCPS, Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (2010 recipient), speaking about "Sustainability of serum [25OHD] levels, inflammatory reduction, and endothelial dysfunction after repletion with ergocalciferol in CKD Stage 5D.
IV Iron Discontinuation Rates: Chart audits indicate that a low percentage of dialysis patients were discontinued from IV iron; the more common reasons for discontinuation include completion of repletion course and ferritin/TSAT level.
Another aspect is the need for repletion kindergarten in the region and creating waiting lists of people interested in the location.
So there is a large unmet need for iron repletion therapies that avoid the use of erythropoietin-stimulating agents and intravenous iron, Dr.
Selenium and iodine repletion in hypothyroidism is an evolving art/science.
She had no focal neurologic deficits at the time of initial examination, and musculoskeletal symptoms persisted after copper repletion.
Also, periodically giving a single large dose of IV iron can achieve substantial iron repletion efficiently.