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Impact evaluation and monitoring systems are valuable both for the insight into particular projects, and for the influence they can have in their replicability elsewhere.
Transparency and replicability are paramount to sound measurement.
Futhermore, the formula easily passed the scientific tests of scalability and replicability and spread rapidly across the country.
There's a method to how much space we need, how many staff we need, the routine of actions that occur that does increase the replicability of this design.
In December, the jury will announce a shortlist of three finalists per category based on criteria such as design and innovation, scope, results, replicability and risk.
Various processing parameters were studied in terms of their influence on the replicability of IR-assisted embossed plates: roller temperature, embossing pressure, and rolling speed.
The Jack KempAwards are given to workforce housing developments that represent outstanding achievements in financing, construction methodologies, public/private partnerships, and replicability to achieve workforce housing affordability.
The final winners will be decided based on the quality of improvement (in terms of creativity, thoroughness of implementation, replicability and actual benefits) and the performance of the contestants in the presentations and Question & Answer sessions.
Lott's results have passed the replicability test with flying colors.
The awards are given in the field of afforestation and wasteland development and assessed on the basis of criteria like replicability, innovativeness and creativity, setting up of grassroot level organizations, soil and moisture conservation work and other related activities, target groups like women and weaker sections of society, people in inaccessible and remote areas, work being done over and above the call of duty and involving personal courage, tangible impact in relation to resources mobilized, educative and awareness creating values.
An emerging property of connectors is the scalability and replicability of these models, as organisations like OzHarvest and Food Connect expand operations in other communities or inspire others to start their own.
Quantification, abstraction, and emphasis on model-building and replicability led to a fundamental failure to understand the differences in human societies," Mahbubani writes, adding that the "destruction of 'area studies' made things worse.