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The Foundation strives to support evidence-based programs that impact multiple counties and work collaboratively to leverage additional funding to achieve replicable models.
The programme is a replicable model of education for rural India and has emerged as a credible platform for companies to invest in, within the context of their own goals.
Combining the two systems into a single operation would yield few replicable procedures without a major overhaul of one or probably both.
Creation of commercially viable, innovative and potentially replicable ICT-based products and services.
We did a controlled, replicable experiment in nature," Losos says.
The goal was to create a replicable force protection system with blueprints that other units could use to add armor to TRAMs anywhere in Iraq.
The Hebrew Home's comprehensive program offers sanctuary and a multitude of services that can serve as an easily replicable model for facilities in other communities.
Kick Start, the winning scheme for Warsaw, proposed a lightweight replicable kit, that could be assembled in a variety of configurations to appeal to taste, affordability and required specification.
The topics include carbohydrate receptors, artificial pyrrole-based anion receptors, molecular containers in action, the formation and recognition properties of dynamic combinatorial libraries, synthetic molecular machines, and a chemical perspective on replicable nanoscaffolded multifunctionality.
The fund, established as a nonprofit in 1990, works to develop sustainable growth in emerging markets by capitalizing smaller, private-sector businesses that can serve as replicable models for local entrepreneurs and investors.
Anecdotes, however telling, are neither reliable nor replicable.
Kummerow suggests that a statistical definition could make valuations more replicable, provide insights into how to improve valuation methods, and add value for clients by improving the appraiser's products.