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GeneMarker software incorporates a consolidated replicate comparison tool to be used in ecology, agricultural and clinical research.
Five treatments of the greenhouse test contained six replicates.
The enzyme that the Scripps group created replicates DNA containing the fifth base with relatively high fidelity--only one mistake for every 1,000 base pairs.
Worms are programs that replicate themselves from system to system without the use of a host file.
However, the mutants are present at such low levels that we cannot detect them, and in general they are less fit than wild-type virus and so do not replicate to the same extent.
Polymorphic virus A virus that can change its byte pattern when it replicates, thereby avoiding detection by simple string-scanning techniques.
While Watson and Crick's discovery of the complementary nature of the bases inside the DNA double helix immediately suggested a mechanism by which DNA could replicate, it did not suggest how this molecule ultimately dictates the nature of all proteins present in the cell (Watson and Crick 1953).
To evaluate error introduced by sample selection, leaching and analysis replicates were again used.
The design is optimized for fitting a second-degree polynomial model, in which the two level factorial points enable linear and second order interactive effects to be modeled, the star points enable quadratic curvature to be modeled and the center point replicates provide for estimates of run-to-run error and model adequacy.
By joining Virttu REPLICATE, researchers gain access to latest data and insights into the use of oncoviruses and access to SEPREHVIR[TM] - an engineered herpes simplex virus which is highly lytic, has a broad tissue tropism, replicates selectively in cancer cells and with safety demonstrated in man.
Riccardelli is the first person to show how to inlay and glaze objects in a way that replicates certain details seen in many artifacts, says Jennifer Mass of the Winterthur (Del.
Tubes replicates exact copies of files, meaning that everyone in the tube has an exact copy of everyone's stuff.