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Once in place, the TK worm, which was released by American members of the Thr34t-Krew, replicates itself and slows computers down.
Worm - this is a virus that replicates itself until it fills all of the storage space on a drive or network.
In Its Own Image: Simple robot replicates itself block by block" (SN: 5/14/05, p.
Worm - A program that replicates itself over a computer network and usually performs malicious actions.
VIRUSES Deliberately written computer code that replicates itself in your system by infecting other files or applications.
According to F-Secure the worm copies itself into the Windows System Directory and replicates itself as "winamp 7.
a program that replicates itself from system to system without the use of a host file.
All the computers were not infected by the ''Blaster,'' a type of virus called a ''worm'' that replicates itself via Internet connections but cannot be attached to other programs or e-mail messages.
On January 25, a worm--a virus-like computer program that replicates itself without using a host file--called Slammer (or Sapphire) became the fastest computer attack of its kind in history.