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Replicating a process that occurs in clouds, the diffusion of water vapor controlled where and when new hexagons of ice would be added to the growing crystal.
We are replicating the design elements, approaches and strategies that work together synergistically to achieve the outcome,'' said Elliot, co-founder and CEO of PUC schools.
With increasing news coverage about security breaches compromising business data, replicating data across private and public networks has to be highly secure.
There are, essentially, two options when replicating data remotely.
He added that while it is difficult to predict the implications of basic science research, the new findings could lead researchers to explore ways ``to induce the expansion of CD4 cells over and above how they're now replicating.
Based on its revolutionary Internet Replication Engine, Adesso-powered applications leverage the reach of the network, intelligently replicating data, logic and permissions while simultaneously tapping the power of the desktop.
So, the Scripps researchers engineered a new polymerase enzyme to recognize 3FB, latch on to it, and incorporate it appropriately into a replicating strand of DNA.
Replicating data across sites in both directions to ensure failover-failback
One method for generating hedge fund returns highlighted by Merrill Lynch analysts involves replicating hedge fund performance by investing in a dynamic portfolio of liquid assets such as equities, bonds, currencies and commodities that statistically track hedge fund returns.
Although controller-based solutions lock IT managers into a single-vendor relationship, replicating between duplicate high-end storage arrays can provide tangential benefits.
As risky as traditional gene therapy can be, introducing a replicating virus into a patient is fraught with even more danger.