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We used PCR to measure relative TL at PD upon replicative senescence (46 PD) and acrolein-induced senescence (30 PD) in HFL-1 cells and the equivalent PD (30 PD) in vehicle (sterile water) control HFL-1 cells.
Other gene products are thought to influence replicative senescence.
At "physiological" concentrations, reactive oxygen species (ROS) may play adaptive roles as signalling molecules involved in gene regulation, cell growth, differentiation, replicative senescence and apoptosis (cell death), and as a primary defence invoked by white blood cells against invading organisms.
His many major research achievements include demonstrating for the first time the existence of five novel tumour suppressor genes including a gene on chromosome-3 that acts as a 'master regulator' of telomerase in normal human breast tissue and that the most common region of cytogenetically observed loss in human ductal breast cancer carries a powerful replicative senescence gene that acts via a telomere-independent mechanism.
However, during chronic HIV-1 infection, T-cells exhaust their ability to up-regulate telomerase, leading to critically short telomeres and other changes associated with replicative senescence, reducing their antiviral activity.