report inaccurately

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To] report inaccurately could result in violations of federal laws.
The recent UNICEF report inaccurately placed Jordan among countries in the Middle East with high rates of violence against children and did not rely on statistics from the concerned bodies in the kingdom.
We believe this report inaccurately depicted the way career colleges and universities operate and cast unfair aspersions on schools that are playing an increasingly prominent role in equipping Americans with the skills they need to enter and thrive in the workforce," said Phil Singer, spokesperson for the Student Access Student Choice (SASC) Coalition.
A Home Office spokesman said: "The Centre for Policy Studies report inaccurately portrays the impact of the Government's drug strategy.
CFFC's attempt to personalise and even report inaccurately on some of the qualifications and public record of CAG's three spokespersons once again shows the low base methods such dissident groups use to detract the audience from the groups consistent message of holding the line against the evils of contraception and abortion -constant and basic teachings of the One, True ,Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church founded by Jesus Christ in AD33 and the only Church still teaching the fullness of Christ's truth to this day, just as our Lord so commanded and promised to protect- Mt 16:18-20.
You report inaccurately that water droplets normally "dribble like tears down a slanting surface.
Consequently, staff can often report inaccurately or follow an inconsistent schedule.
The CRL Report inaccurately reflects referenced information in state regulatory program reports published by Veritec that are based on millions of actual loan transactions.
The civil penalties, criminal fines and provisions established by the Uniformed Unclaimed Property Act can be substantial for firms that fail to report or report inaccurately.
This evening's report inaccurately portrays State Farm's claims handling policies and our commitment to our policyholders," said Hood.
The judge further found that Abuzeni signed his operative report inaccurately, incompletely, and that it falsely represented the surgical procedures performed.
The second research report inaccurately stated that the hedge fund was "subject to NASD inspection" and that "the NASD will audit the fund as well.