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Officials, after scrutinizing the script, reportedly wanted some incidents removed, like the Nehru-Edwina kiss, their being in the bed together, etc.
The county reportedly has discussed housing Arizona state inmates and inmates from other federal, state, and local agencies in order to make up for any protracted decline in BOP demand.
The makers reportedly have also been told to state that the film is a fictional work and any changes in the script should seek pre-approval.
The Windows software reportedly delivers fast download, analysis, storage, and printing of reports that can be exported to Microsoft Excel.
The union has reportedly been looking to move out of its existing headquarters on lower Park Avenue, which Weingarten said are old and small and would require renovation.
Photo: (color) Cal State Northridge's Dave Baldwin has reportedly interviewed at San Jose State and New Mexico State.
The new Smash Advanced Surface Inspection System from ISRA Surface Vision reportedly provides superior resolution of defect images in film and sheet at high production speeds.
As part of the deal Swedish retailer Hennes & Mauritz, more commonly known as H & M, is reportedly planning to lease 33,000 square feet on the first three floors of the tower.
Meanwhile, more, um, interesting bets appear to be ``The Nutty Professor,'' reportedly the first funny Eddie Murphy comedy in many a moon, despite being a Jerry Lewis remake; ``Tin Cup,'' reportedly the first decent Kevin Costner movie in a similarly long stretch, despite being about golf; and ``Striptease,'' which is based on a really funny Carl Hiaasen novel but is reportedly failing to convince the public that it isn't ``Showgirls 2.
The photon energy of this laser reportedly is so high that the molecular bonds of most plastics can be broken, providing a high-contrast photochemical marking without burning, engraving, or damaging the surface.
Compared with some fluorocarbon, hydrocarbon, or other liquid physical foaming agents, Cylacell reportedly can show improved cell structure, lighter foam densities, and sometimes higher flame retardancy and smoke suppression.
Proprietary concentrates of silicone fluids for all thermoplastics reportedly improve mold release, reduce overall cycle time, reduce rejects, and improve part wear and bearing properties.