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The disarticulated remains, mostly heads, pronota, and elytra of beetles, are reposited on microslides and in vials at the Quaternary Entomology Laboratory, North Dakota State University.
The original plaster cast was reposited in the New Brunswick Museum palaeontology collection (NBM Palaeontology file NBMG 3044) and designated as the holotype specimen of Isocampe lepreauense (NBMG 3044; Figs.
The specimen is reposited in the Palaeontology Collection of the New Brunswick Museum (NBMG).
Later the conjunctiva and tenons were reposited back by a wet cautery and a sub conjunctival injection of gentamycin and dexamethasone was given.
Specimens reposited at the New Brunswick Museum include two silicone molds of structures preserved on bed tops (NBMG 4026/4-6), one bed sole and corresponding latex mold (NBMG 15268/1-2), and two bed top and one bed sole slab(s) in which the discoidal structures have been sectioned (NBMG 4026/1-3; NBMG 4027).
The mucoperichondrial and mucoperiosteal flaps were reposited and the incision was closed using 3'0 cutting is used.
Sufficient space was created by lysing intraperitoneal adhesions so that bowel can be safely reposited inside the peritoneal cavity.
Patient followed up after 3 months of surgery with complaints of something coming out of vagina since one week which increased on straining and was not reposited on rest (Fig.
Mass could be only partially reposited back and minimal bleeding seen on such attempts.
Intraoperatively round ligament and the right ovary was found to be part of the contents of the hernia sac and were reposited.
Anastomosed loop of the bowel was reposited and peritoneum closed.