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The repository will also act as a platform for making any changes in your insurance policies.
With Maven adoption skyrocketing, there was a critical need for a comprehensive repository manager that would allow sophisticated management of internal and external repositories while tapping the power of the Maven Central Repository.
Basic search methods rely on an indexed e-mail repository and a dedicated search interface.
The most obvious way to make the registry accessible for machine processing was by making it an OAI repository itself.
The reusable knowledge objects in the digital repository will also be accessible through other mechanisms, such as integrated performance support tools, formal learning modules, and communities of practice (CoPs).
There have been times when our existing data repository is not available, and we have used iMODULES data repository to get alumni information for mailings, regional events and even to find a certain constituency from a specific segment of our population.
The repository will be configured to accept learning assets in structures/taxonomies that will make it easy for users to access the stored knowledge.
ArrayExpress--a public repository for microarray gene expression data at the EBI.
With this approach, records management is built into a centralized repository, with a subset of information within the repository managed in accordance with an organization's retention and disposition rules.
The possibility of barge shipments came to light with the recent release of an environmental impact statement for the repository project.
But I can't say that this is a [finding] that will kill the performance of the repository," says Sweetkind.
Content Search of the SharePoint repository using the Xpath or SQL query language.