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avoid retribution for having reprehensibly breached the behavioral
This reprehensibly reckless behaviour was the consequence of her pursuit of happily married Dr Beard, whom, hoping to advance her cause by reducing her years from 42 to 33, she vainly sought to capture, but in vain.
Government authorities have also used police intimidation and bribery to try to silence parents demanding an accounting for the reprehensibly shoddy construction that caused schools to crumble, killing thousands of children in the May 12 earthquake in Sichuan Province.
The Conservatives, however, behaved reprehensibly in the 1980s in opposing such rights.
It is especially important to bear in mind, however, that to imply that all South African men are chauvinistic, misogynistic and homophobic is to adopt a reprehensibly essentialist perspective because, as Morrell (2001: 33) points out, there is "no one typical South African man".
The realists' critics, who regard realism as reprehensibly unambitious, considered stability the problem.
Loni Anderson portrays Spelling's mom as a reprehensibly acquisitive lunatic.
One can tell lies about one's opinions, equally reprehensibly.
For failing so reprehensibly with his enormous coaching/management team that some awfully talented players went onto the pitch so obviously a) lethargic, b) clueless, c) uninspired, d) intimidated?
How can any life that it is not deplorably and reprehensibly a misdirection to call a life of literary culture not, one exclaims, bring a sense--bring, by what it essentially is and must be--a cultivated and heightened sense--of spiritual values?
Some have treated the famous old competition reprehensibly, going with Reserve teams in the early rounds, and this contempt has rebounded on them because the fans don't trust their selections and are therefore unwilling to part with good money when they run the risk of seeing Reserves, not stars.
The dawn of the twenty-first century has seen the Catholic Church beset with scandals, perhaps most reprehensibly sexual abuse scandals involving children, and the Church has repeatedly reacted in a manner consistent with feudal culture--secrecy, denial, and an all-out effort to protect reputation and institutional resources.