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Rather than successfully conveying Kaplan's worldview, the SAJ mural ultimately conveyed how difficult it was to create a visual art that captured symbolically or representationally the complex idea of living simultaneously in two civilizations.
The Word Problem Test was used to answer the questions (a) Does participation in the EIR improve students' scores on test items where they are required to representationally and abstractly illustrate and solve one-variable equations embedded in word problems?
We're speaking literally here as well as representationally.
In the case of early modern England, such constructions took on heightened importance even if they also remained representationally unstable and wholly unpredictable in the end.
For users, it seems to mean making reported financial information more understandable and useful, including making it more relevant and representationally faithful of the underlying economics--objectives that may not translate into accounting and reporting that is easier to do or to audit.
The information pertaining to the item must be representationally faithful, verifiable, and neutral (reliability criterion).
5) Of course, palatalised and labialised rhotics occur in some systems, but such secondary ac companiments should be representationally distinguished from [j] and [w] as independent segments.
Rather than using broad planes of torn paper to create an abstract or quasi-abstract image in the manner of a Picasso or Motherwell, he uses his cut papers representationally, stitching a multiplicity of eclectic, carefully scissored fragments of magazine and newspaper illustrations into a narrative tapestry.
The same type of representationally based analysis is also viable when dealing with objects whose material traces stem from a number of different changes, or when a number of different objects together show changes that constitute an event.
be representationally redundant (that they satisfy the majoritarian
Thus, for Wiener the "true" can only occur in language representationally.
But as part of financial accounting, Process Costing/ABC should be applied from an optimized and representationally simplified process structure.

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