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An individual who stands in the place of another.

With respect to Constitutional Law, a representative is an individual chosen by the electorate to serve as its spokesperson in a legislative body, such as the Senate or House of Representatives.

A Personal Representative is an individual who is named in a will, or appointed by a probate court, to supervise the distribution of property remaining after another individual's death.


1) n. an agent. 2) in probate law, a generic term for an executor or administrator of the estate of person who has died, generally referred to as the "personal representative." 3) adj. typical, as "these pictures are representative of the conditions at the job site."


adjective acting, adumbrative, agential, characteristic, connotative, denotative, depictive, deputed, distinctive, emblematic, exemplary, faithful, figurative, graphic, graphical, illustrative, indicative, indicatory, representational, sample, standard, symbolic, symbolical, typical
Associated concepts: representative action, representative capacity, representative suit


(Example), noun exemplar, model, paragon, sample, specimen, symbol, typical example, typpcal instance


(Proxy), noun agent, barrister, broker, counsel, delegate, deputy, emissary, envoy, go-between, lawyer, messenger, middle man, solicitor, spokesman, substitution, trustee, vicarius
Associated concepts: lawful representative, legal repreeentative
See also: acting, advocate, agent, broad, broker, case, conduit, congruous, counselor, delegate, demonstrative, deputy, descriptive, employee, epitome, example, exemplary, factor, functionary, general, illustrative, indicant, instance, intermediary, lawmaker, legislator, liaison, nominee, normal, ordinary, plenipotentiary, politician, proctor, procurator, proxy, realistic, regular, replacement, sample, separate, several, specimen, spokesman, substitute, surrogate, typical, usual

REPRESENTATIVE. One who represents or is in the place of another.
     2. In legislation, it signifies one who has been elected a member of that branch of the legislature called the house of representatives.
     3. A representative of a deceased person, sometimes called a "personal representative," or legal personal representative," is one who is executor or administrator of the person described. 6 Madd. 159; 5 yes. 402.

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The Stipulation also provides that, if the Settlement is approved by the Court, Defendants and anyone claiming through or on behalf of any of them, shall be forever barred and enjoined from commencing, instituting, prosecuting, or continuing to prosecute any action or other proceeding in any court of law or equity, arbitration tribunal, or administrative forum, or other forum of any kind, directly, representatively, derivatively, or in any other capacity, asserting that Plaintiffs, the Settlement Class Members or Plaintiffs' counsel commenced or maintained the Litigation in bad faith or without a reasonable basis.
The London Quarterly Review representatively claimed in 1864 that "Sir Charles is not only a distinguished artist, but .
22) Representatively of traumatic and post-traumatic approach, Hirsch proposes, in Stuart Liebman's words, that "the French public after 1945 failed to register the trauma inherent in compilations of postliberation concentration camp footage.
Samples were shipped by Company consultants to Inspectorate's Whitehorse, YT preparation facility where samples were sorted and crushed to appropriate particle size (pulp) and representatively split to a smaller size for shipment to Inspectorate's, Richmond, B.
Africa-inclusivity at MSU's Black Studies PhD program represents but a tiny yet representatively microscopic lens through which to examine these issues as they relate to the contemporary the issues that the discipline faces.
About a third were economics majors; the rest were fairly representatively distributed across the student population.
During the 2nd round of screening, from the population of N = 457,a second cohort of 141 children was selected based on their alphabet and rhyme scores and the need to representatively sample across all of the schools involved in the project.
The entire 4-cm mass was representatively sectioned, embedded in paraffin, and stained with hematoxylin-eosin.
The representatively selected pamphlets range from 'Hereafter ensue the trew encountre' (1513), to 'A True Relaton of the Late Battel fought in New England' (1637).
The analysis proposed offers to explore diverse attitudes representatively manifest in Romantic responses to Burke, Wollstonecraft, Paine, and Godwin's discourses but also to contemporary grammarians and their works.
This is not to say that Emin's work and spiritual outlook are representatively 'postmodern', but that this is the context in which her work is seen.
The size of sample likely generated insufficient variance for a tenable eigenvalue-of-one solution, but the variance obtained with the representatively diverse sample was sufficient for other criteria to indicate a viable solution.

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