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Boker speculates that Hemingway may have employed similar methods himself to repress not his own losses but rather his own vulnerability to loss.
Right now, some quarters are trying to dilute the spirit of Edsa as they also repress our democracy.
Larsen makes it clear that Helga's painful experience of white racism within her immediate family creates additional pressure on her to repress her sexual desire; in fact, Helga's sexual repression represents her larger inability to experience herself as a desiring subject.
Behavioral scientists regard it as equally absurd to invoke the question of justice in deciding what to do with a woman who cannot resist her propensity to shoplift, or with a man who cannot repress an impulse to assault somebody.
For Sethe, the body, scarred and brutalized by slavery, has been something to repress.
Yes, for a short period of time it is possible to repress homosexual feelings, but over the long haul, not one person really changed.
And while it's possible to repress these aspirations, they never can be extinguished entirely.
George's success owes chiefly to his ability to repress his painful past; because of the tragic losses he suffered as a child, he considers it important to relate more cognitively than emotionally to his world.
Many men have been brought up to repress their feelings.
Progestin, which seems to repress estrogen receptors in the uterus' inner lining, may activate these receptors in the breast and spur cell growth, Schairer says.
For if these are crisis pictures, the crisis seems to be Golub's sudden inability to repress the fact that his painterly practice would come to be based on photography, on the types of momentary images--a wanton pucker here, an involuntary sneer there--that one can seize from the media and turn to other uses.