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attack are repressed for years--encounter an insurmountable obstacle
Shanley challenged his client's rape conviction on the grounds that repressed memory is "junk science" and that prosecutors should not have been allowed to present evidence the victim buried memories of abuse for 20 years.
The men of Ruby will permit no questioning or revision of this model of masculine identity, for fear of having to consider the traumatic shame repressed beneath their rigid, idealized self-images.
Christian ethics professor Patrick McCormick lauds Alfred Kinsey's sexual behavior research in the 1940s and '50s and describes him as a passionate researcher ostracized by a prudish, Victorian, repressed society.
However, the specific genes repressed or induced vary, depending on the ceil type and--according to research presented in this issue--the toxicant to which the cells are exposed [EHP 112:1607-1613].
But critics maintain that Cuba has repressed Internet access to stop the free flow of information and stifle dissent in the communist-run nation.
May, on the other hand is an emotionally repressed pseudo-religious fanatic whose great ambition is to be a missionary.
The research, which appeared Thursday in the journal Science, offers new insights into the concept of repressed memories and the controversial debate over recovered memories.
The Haitian government in some cases has violently repressed demonstrators.
He argues that the Dutch character and culture of the seventeenth century were not unremittingly dour and stern, but that humor and laughter formed a significant aspect of seventeenth-century culture that has been overlooked, if not repressed, in the historical imagination.
In this larger thesis Stephens frames the relentless emphasis on demonic copulation in both witch treatises and trial records as a byproduct of a still more relentless repressed doubt about whether demons, and, by extension, the whole spiritual world in fact existed.
And formerly heterosexual crossers of gender like me: normal boyhood, repressed desires at age 11 in the repressed 1950s, 30 years happily married, two grown children (not talking to me yet: thank you, Professor Bailey and your pathologizing friends), successful, regular guy who decided to change at age 53, did so, and is now even more happy.