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The conundra around signification in the closet perhaps account for straight culture's barely disguisable and barely repressible glee at the spectacle of the closet, whether in its warnings to girlfriends about duplicitous bisexual boyfriends or in the always deniable metonyms with which it so archly surrounds popular culture figures of "ambiguous" sexuality.
One of the repressible promoter systems they discuss in detail is controlled by the antibiotic tetracycline.
Consider a sampling of titles: Craven's The Repressible Conflict, 1830-1861 (1939); Bell Irvin Wiley's The Plain People of the Confederacy (1943); Frank L.
They taught us to prevent repressible crime, to be their ``eyes and ears,'' and they were directly accountable to us.
7) His failure ultimately to realize his fantasy of self-sufficiency is assured by the barely repressible fact that "he wanted to be loved, too" (1986b, 132).