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But through the very act of repressing grief, that grief has become the life-blood that pulses to every extremity throughout the body of their fictional imaginations" (33).
Children especially learn to deal with repeated trauma by dissociating (splitting) or repressing the events during and after their occurrence (64-67).
The 18% figure was obtained in a study of female outpatients involved in a substance abuse program and has been criticized because some of the participants may have been sexually abused but still repressing the memory (although this criticism may be raised with any study attempting to measure the incidence of childhood sexual abuse among adults).
Based on this cluster of symptoms, if her therapist is using this particular 65-item checklist, Rhonda virtually is assured of being viewed as repressing sexual abuse memories.
Of these 20%, half are repressing their memories of the experience.
Patent Number 6,573,099 entitled "Genetic Constructs For Delaying Or Repressing The Expression Of A Target Gene.
There's a lot of fear and prejudice surrounding it because of its abusive history, but for some people, the only sexual expression they have is through pornography, and repressing it is even more dangerous.
Patent Number 6,573,099, entitled "Genetic Constructs For Delaying Or Repressing The Expression Of A Target Gene.
It's as though, having originated in darkness, the work of both Spero and Golub has grown toward the light without ever repressing consciousness of the barbarity that underlies its civilized splendor.