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The situation at LOC is becoming catastrophic by the day while in Kashmir killings and repression are breaking records
All forms of resistance to this repression through protests of any kind stand banned and barred,' he deplored.
This year marks the 80th year since the political repression started and took thousands of lives of the people who had been condemned for false political crimes.
Thus, the contributors to this book argue that "academic freedom" is not a sufficient response to the crisis of intellectual repression.
The Egyptian state works on teaching its citizens, particularly its statespersons, that repression is the only possible means for controlling a country with a population of 90 million, and that many foreign countries are conspiring against us.
But once pressure and repression is established, it will start affecting other social groups and eventually society as a whole within a short period.
Ilagan and De Jesus urged women and their families "to stand guard against worsening fascist repression under the Aquino government.
Denton presents readers with a wide-ranging study of the impact of Western repression on sexual expression throughout history.
TUNIS - A former interior minister under Tunisia's ousted president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, jailed for the repression of anti-government protests, was freed from prison on Thursday, his lawyer said.
Le Roch's team found that these genes, all organized into one repression center in a distinct area in the nucleus, seem to drive the full genome organization of the parasite.
I believe it is crucially important to understand how financial systems [in China] operate under condition of financial repression.
In response, the British government said it took its export responsibilities "very seriously" and that it had "one of the most rigorous arms export control regimes", under which licenses are not granted when there is deemed to be a risk that goods would be used for internal repression or to provoke or prolong conflict in countries they are exported to.