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This decision taken in haste shows that the president of the IVD uses repressive means against any one who criticises her, he added.
According to the Commission, the prisoners burned several rooms in the old sections of the prison, as a form of protest against the administration's repressive actions towards them.
The government has been using nationality revocation as a political repressive tool.
It needs to show more patience and a greater understanding of the Uighurs, whose resentment emanates from a combination of the state's uneven modernisation strategy in a resource-rich region like Xinjiang, coupled with repressive measures.
The number of Tibetans who set themselves on fire to protest against the Chinese government's repressive rule has risen to 128, out of which 111 have died.
A spokesperson for the singer previously insisted she wasn't aware that Turkmenistan ranked as the third most repressive country in the world, saying: "Had there been knowledge of human rights issues any kind, Jennifer would not have attended.
The delegations welcomed the UNESCO decision to set up a fact-finding commission to investigate the untenable situation in Al-Quds and all other Israeli repressive the occupation of the city in 1967.
China denies repressive policies in Tibet and insists it is bringing prosperity to the remote region even as it vilifies the Dalai Lama as a separatist and derides his quest for autonomy for Tibetans.
We call for the lifting of repressive measures and immediate release of Hurriyat leaders", the spokesman said.
BEIRUT: Speaker Nabih Berri urged Monday the heads of international, Muslim, Arab, Asian, Francophone and Euro-Mediterranean parliamentary federations to act to stop Israel's repressive measures against the Palestinian people, particularly thousands of Palestinians held in Israeli jails.
However, mujtahids (scholars of Islamic law) have been unable to come to an agreement over a single style or method for changing or overthrowing tyrannical or repressive regimes.
Think about it: is a game of football worth the shame of bolstering a repressive regime?