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In return, Israel and Washington rewarded them generously, no matter how repressively Palestinian civilians suffer.
These characters have, respectively, a repressively strong and an impossibly weak self-image.
They are no longer shaped by power repressively imposed by an ancien regime-like force but by the ideology of globalization.
In utopian configurations of revolutionary cybertext subjectivity, the reader/user/MOOer is almost always liberated from something--from repressively patriarchal and monological narrative structures; from the restrictions of gender, race, and class-based identity; from passivity and uncritical consumption; or from the authority of authors and political leaders.
Even in aesthetically patterned work which earlier in Cixous's career she might have considered repressively controlled, such as Dickinson's poems, say, I would expect that Cixous would find the feminine "excesses" and escapes from patriarchal control that she has delighted in discovering in other writers (including of course men), especially Franz Kafka, Clarice Lispector, Augustine, Jean Genet, Thomas Bernhard, Stendhal, Rousseau, Joyce, Shakespeare and others.
After a slow, hesitant and muddled start, the French have once again reacted repressively, even if their methods fall short of the mayhem inflicted by the 1968 riot police, the notorious CRS.
Merrily we disdain our people and we impose our perceptions as creators repressively, pompously, pontificating on what should and should not be done.
Thus, while the films radically appear to transgress taboo, especially in their depiction of violence, they actually serve to uphold a patriarchal, law-and-order status quo derived in large measure from a repressively patriarchal heritage.
Established protections and procedures such as trial by jury, independent legal representation, innocence until proven guilty, the right to silence, no detention without charge, the right to know your accuser and to answer them in a court of law, are rapidly evaporating as we travel down a path with all the structural machinery of a police state, beholden only to the good will of those in power that it not be activated politically and repressively.
and British forces has in turn required them to act more repressively in order to be able to restore law and order.
It's essential to understand that unless a regime wants to murder the entire population, its ability repressively to compel a population's compliance is not infinitely elastic.