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In return, Israel and Washington rewarded them generously, no matter how repressively Palestinian civilians suffer.
On the basis of the above mentioned, one can conclude that the Commission, through the results of its work, is turned into a serious entity in the combat against corruption, both preventively and repressively.
Criminal justice sometimes deploys power repressively, but it always aspires to legitimacy.
In 1977, DINA was disbanded and replaced by a new organization, the Central Nacional de Informaciones (CNI), which would subsequently act much more cautiously and less repressively, eventually cooperating tacitly with one of the outside monitoring human rights advocacy groups.
There it was again" then augurs the visitation of the inarticulate, emerging from an unwished immemorial event that has been repressively buried, imprisoned within the confines of a perturbed psyche.
If there is to be change it will be because at some point, if I am correct, the rhetoric will prove hollow, and it will be apparent that the drug war with its present battle lines cannot be won, that our resources have been spent repressively and more significantly unproductively.
Salazar and Antonio Ferro were putting at stake, ostensively and repressively, everything the Orpheu poet and writer of the 'Sensacionismo' manifestos had always believed in with regard to artistic freedom and independence of the intellectual elite.
We will continue to fight as a police force, both preventively and repressively, we will do whatever is humanly possible.
On the other hand, and implied if not stated outright, writing that lacks voice is inconsistent, half-hearted, dishonest, deceitful, fraudulent, disingenuous, inauthentic, false, repressively "duty-driven"
He confirmed that no death penalty has been applied in Jordan for political crimes, and that no such punishment has ever been administered repressively.
These characters have, respectively, a repressively strong and an impossibly weak self-image.
He established a one-party system and ruled repressively for more than 30 years, during which time he amassed a personal fortune that was estimated at $4 billion.