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In other words, in some Verses of Quran, liability is based on fault measuring liability for reproachable acts, that is, in this legal system, any act and conduct of any person is calculated and evaluated so exactly that any act receives a proportional reaction and, on Resurrection Day, each human being will be accountable for what he has done during his lifetime.
It deserves to be condemned as a reproachable, reprehensible conduct.
De Kock was less omnipresent then but also less reproachable.
to arouse our city from its deathlike apathy, from its reproachable lethargy, from its slumber of industrial and social death': The 1939 St.
Developing an idea already in embryo in Chrysostom, Ambrose deemed idleness an act against the common good and, as such, politically disruptive, morally reproachable, and spiritually unworthy.
The litany of hate grows in every chapter along with the number of gluttonous and reproachable characters.
In one of his letters he lists the causes for committing reproachable errors regarding the law and sciences.
Stating that Havelange had resigned on April 18, a FIFA ethics court ruling said that the former president and his former son-in-law Ricardo Teixeira were guilty of 'morally and ethically reproachable conduct', CBS News reports.
But there is potential value, even if we think that many of the subfederal measures on the table are politically misguided or morally reproachable.
If it is to score brownie points, then it is reproachable.
Women are not always familiar with medical terminology and even when they understand it, they may re-describe the meaning of this terminology: for example, associating 'to induce abortion' with reproachable cold intention and 'to had an abortion' to a more acceptable act.
The damnation of sadness as a socially reproachable behavior for which humans bear responsibility differs deeply from the attitude informing contemporary clinical work.