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Second, the stress on agency found in the best class analyses suggests first that racism is not a regrettable but universal aspect of "human nature," but shaped and reproduced by historical actors who may and must be held accountable.
Taxpayers may use data compression or formatting technologies as part of the system, but all books and records must be legible and readable when displayed on a video display terminal or reproduced in hard copy.
Wisely, Byrd has chosen equally handsome but different photographs than those in the Eakins Press portfolio; also, in the case of subjects endlessly reproduced, like Bessie Smith and Zora Neale Hurston and Langston Hughes, he has chosen shots never before reproduced or exhibited.
The transfer of the reproduction and distribution rights also might be limited by the number of copies reproduced and distributed or by the length of time the transfer endures (such as for ten years), after which time the rights revert to the author.
This market research report examines Chile's foreign trade and its perspectives on the global market for vegetable alkaloids, natural or reproduced by synthesis.
Her own acrylic paintings are reproduced on the cards.
transferring computerized books and records to an electronic storage media using a technique such as `COLD' (computer output to laser disk), which allows books and records to be viewed or reproduced without the use of the original program.
Record management practices may include the labeling of documents, providing a secure storage environment, creating back-up copies, selecting an off-site storage location, retaining hard copies of illegible documents or documents that cannot be accurately or completely imaged or reproduced under the imaging system, and testing to confirm records integrity.
The omnipotent totalitarian state was a myth propagated by the Nazi regime and, argue Mallmann and Paul, reproduced by a generation of postwar historians who sought to explain why Germans failed to oppose Nazis.
Examples of products mass reproduced by these establishments are audio compact discs, prerecorded audio and video cassettes, and laser discs.
As the scientists suspected, colonies that collected more iron than others did also reproduced at a faster rate and contributed more individuals to the next randomly selected set of colonies.