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2) Trilling points out that Emma's care for her protegee nearly engenders dangerous consequences for the state, but I will argue that the novelist emphasizes Harriet's national importance as a potential biological and cultural reproducer of England's "race" in the scenes following the gypsy episode.
These general characteristics were also accompanied by other forms of asymmetry such as the absence of weapons in the grave goods of women and the recognition in death of the women exclusively as a producer of the means of production (pottery, knife and awl recurrence pattern), but not as a reproducer.
5 halogenated, nitrated derivates - Sound recorders or reproducer 79.
it means to think of Hollywood not as a simple reproducer of fixed and homogeneous cultures or ideologies, but as a producer of some of the multiple discourses that intervene in, affirm, and contest the socioideological struggles of a given moment.
An animal is also a reproducer, oriented via sexual desire to activities which terminate in the production of offspring and to the desire to care for them in their state of biological dependency.
A typical of 3dB SNR gain has been measured at the reproducer by employing this technique.
US-based Goodrich Corporation has been selected by Bahrain's national carrier Gulf Air to provide high density video reproducer units (VRU) to upgrade the airline's Airbus A330 fleet in-flight entertainment system.
With the appearance of WSSV, the Marine Shrimp Laboratory of the Federal University of Santa Catarina has followed strategies in reproducer maintenance in the super intensive system, named Zero Exchange, Autotrophic and Heterotrophic System (ZEAH).
Consolo does so by prefacing his analyses of cultural responses to unification with a series of quotations from Virgil's Eneide III, Dante's Inferno I and Purgatorio VI, Petrarch's Le Rime, and Leopardi's Canti that inscribe--if not prescribe--the role of woman as biological reproducer of the nation's sons and object of protection, as custodian of a cultural legacy of which she has no part:
Her signature has replaced that of the companies that commissioned and produced the originals: it is not the white sign producers that sign--and profit from--the copies of their signs, but their African American reproducer.