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Two that might have been available to Cervantes were Pedro Ciruelo's Tratado en el qual se repruevan todas las supersticionesy hechicerias (A treatise reproving all superstitions and forms of witchcraft, 1530) or Martin de Castanega's Tratado muy sotil y bien fundado de las supersticiones y hechiceriasy vanos conjuros y abusiones (Very subtle and well-founded treatise on superstitions and witchcrafts and vain conjurations and abuses, 1529).
Bravo to Bishop Henry for his February 25 article in the Calgary Sun reproving Jean Chretien and Joe Clark for their hypocritical and scandalous stand on the issue of human life.
Most rock movies end up either pompously reproving, cynical or as pretentious as the average rock lyrics.
Said is highly critical of the Palestinian Authority, reproving of the militarized natures of both Palestinian and Israeli society, saddened at the usurpation of freedoms as a result.
An accompanying editorial suggested that "guidelines should be treated as guilty until proven innocent" and wagged a reproving finger at the widely used GOBSAT (Good Old Boys Sat at Table) approach to evidence-based medicine.
He didn't want to endure his mother's reproving glances.
FOR more than 50 years he had been the conscience of America's courtrooms--a reproving voice that had steadfastly challenged juries and jurists to compel the nation to abide by its pledge of liberty and justice for all.
My wife, her 'backyard friend' Gemma, was devastated at the news; even now, a week later, I find being in the garden difficult with no Margaret hanging over the fence and merrily reproving me for some off-colour remark I've made in this column.
Now the prospective headmaster seemed to look at her, pink-cheeked and reproving.
STUDENTS at a city sixth-form college a reproving that media studies courses can not only help keep young people in education but also change their lives.
And there are pivotal roles for his mother and a haughtily reproving neighbor, played here with delicious aplomb respectively by Helen Ryan and Nancy Crane.