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The character is of an 'asura', a reptilian like Medusa with multiple snake heads, and it is awesome to essay such roles," Chetan said in a statement.
It requires "being non-rational" and using "the good old reptilian cortex.
Did their eggs incubate slowly like their reptilian cousins - crocodilians and lizards?
Insurance company defense teams and their assigned legal counsels also must prepare for this reptilian approach in trial.
A total of 60 amphibian specimens representing 3 species, 3 genera and 2 families while 71 reptilian specimens representing 15 species, 14 genera and 10 families were captured from the study area.
Former TV sports presenter David Icke said in 1991 the world was ruled by shape-shifting reptilian beings who took the form of prominent humans.
Leo (Damien Bonnard), the central character in "Staying Vertical," is a tall, curly-haired drifter with a hawk-nosed, reptilian stare--he looks like a doleful French version of Kramer from "Seinfeld.
Reptilian remains in roughly 99-million-year-old amber provide unusually detailed insight into the evolutionary history of lizards, researchers report March 4 in Science Advances.
In a way, trauma or paranoia mean allowing the reptilian part of our brain to control us for an extended period of time.
Nicholas Hoult, from TV's Skins, is reptilian A&R man Steven Stelfox who, when not indulging in sex, drugs and booze, is looking for the next big thing in 90s London.
The reptilian brain might have a problem making monthly contributions to a retirement account.
A little green man or seven foot reptilian might have caused a stir trying to blend into a middle ages society that was prone to burn people at the stake for being different.