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After it was republished, the new law would go into effect within six months.
Bibliographic information for republished articles was obtained by searching MEDLINE via PubMed for the document type "Corrected and Republished Article," with searching limited to the clinically relevant Core Clinical Journals.
The book is to be republished to celebrate the centenary year of the diary.
In addition, I believe that readers would have benefited if Skinner had embraced the editorial principle that less is more and republished fewer essays.
Salinger's writing reputation is so great that it was considered major literary news when, earlier this year, it was revealed that one of his old magazine stories would be republished in book form.
His first novel, Doktor Burgers Ende (1913; "The End of Doctor Burger"; revised and republished in 1930 as Die Schicksale Doktor Burgers, "The Fortunes of Doctor Burger"), depicts a young doctor driven to despair by the suffering around him.
As a result of campaign by a US Air Force historian an early work by author Roald Dahl entitled The Gremlins is to be republished.