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It's an honor to be chosen as republisher and spearhead an overhaul of the Bitdefender model of business in India," said Sandeep Bagri, President at RS Computer.
43) For an understanding of why the media would benefit from the defense, it is necessary to examine the elements of defamation and republisher liability.
57) The court likened the republisher to a "local 'screen'" lacking authorship.
While the Layne court recognized that the wire service defense was at odds with the majority common law view of republisher liability, (60) the court justified its decision by relying on policy reasons and the ancient common law "to the effect that one who hears a slander has a legal right to repeat it," in the same words and with attribution.
Since Layne, courts have added several requirements which a news organization must fulfill to raise the defense: (67) the republisher must read the release to make sure there are no inconsistencies; (68) the article must not be republished if there are unexplained inconsistencies or if the news organization republishing the article knows the article is false; (69) and if a reasonable jury could disagree as to whether something in the article should put the newspaper on notice of a possible inaccuracy, the defense is not available and summary judgment is not appropriate.
Whether the information came from a wire can be an element used to evaluate whether a republisher demonstrated ordinary care.
Papers fearing traditional republisher liability may have forgone the use of wire news.
Thus, a vendor or customer of the republisher may have no recourse with respect to a false or misleading year 2000 statement not only because of the safe harbor provision above, but also because it is not in privity with the original source of the republished statement, i.
139) Furthermore, texts commonly refer to distributors as publishers, secondary publishers, or republishers.