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Since April of 1998 the paper has engaged in daily republishing of selected articles containing falsehoods about Rasmussen.
The CambridgeDocs XML Content Backbone allows for the sharing, indexing, migration, repurposing, republishing and delivery of content between numerous legacy formats and a variety of enterprise content systems.
By updating and republishing the book in 2003, Kilbourn was able to incorporate estate tax tables based on the new law, an easy to understand summary of the Final Regulations for IRA distributions, and new examples based on current tax rates, exemptions, and exclusions.
The article and three others in the current issue are available for republishing by qualified newspapers, magazines and websites.
OTC:SSII) today announced that it has signed a new five-year international republishing and distribution agreement with TDK Recording Media Europe S.
a world leader in educational software republishing, and the Nova Group, a publicly traded international company that is Japan's largest and fastest-growing private language school.
Organizations that receive reference content from vendors can integrate their own policies, procedures and technical data to vendor-provided publications with minimal republishing costs.
Directsoft distributes MySoftware's line of small business productivity products throughout 200 outlets and has plans to license several MySoftware products for local production and republishing.