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Why, he had himself wished to take Rogojin by the hand and go in together, he had himself determined to go to him on the morrow and tell him that he had seen her, he had repudiated the demon as he walked to the house, and his heart had been full of joy.
Fouquet thought Aramis was right, that this newly-arrived was a king as pure in his race as the other, and that, for having repudiated all participation in this
A concession repudiated, a bank failure, a big slump - what does it matter?
He had called Martin the black sheep of the family and repudiated him.
In another minute I was walking side by side with the woman who had sternly repudiated me as a member of her family; feeling, I own, terribly discomposed, and not knowing in the least whether I ought or ought not to assume the responsibility, in my husband's absence, of telling her who I was.
And that, since he has been engaged upon these Adventures, he has received, from private quarters far beyond the reach of suspicion or distrust, accounts of atrocities, in the perpetration of which upon neglected or repudiated children, these schools have been the main instruments, very far exceeding any that appear in these pages.
The men of the Restoration, then, deliberately repudiated some of the chief forces which seem to a romantic age to make life significant.
Sounded as to the possibility of suicide, he repudiated it utterly.
In his own case, Alexey Alexandrovitch saw that a legal divorce, that is to say, one in which only the guilty wife would be repudiated, was impossible of attainment.
There was that in her tone which broke the good Minor Canon's voice, or it would have repudiated her exaltation of him.
But he had not spoken out of his own will and desire; and he felt it in his heart a noble return for his late injurious treatment to be faithful to the last to those who had repudiated him.
But, here Miss Bella repudiated, and said quietly, 'I can speak for myself; you know, ma.