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PPL Shipyard disagrees with the allegations in the announcement and will regard this as repudiatory breach of the contract, and will terminate the Contract and claim amounts due under the Contract against MP Drilling and its guarantor Marco Polo Marine Ltd.
Steven Cooklin, CEO of Manolete, commented: "There is a very strong claim for repudiatory breach of contract against Silverstone Circuits.
We go on to state, contrary to the respondent's assertions, that there was no repudiatory conduct on part of the claimant.
The firm gained new clients including Muse Developments, Microdat and Tyneside Theatre, and successfully acted for Redhall Engineering Solutions in a three-week trial against Vivergo Fuels, in which Vivergo was found to have unlawfully terminated a contract and acted in repudiatory breach.
The breach has to be a repudiatory breach and the employee must accept the breach by resigning, with or without notice.
This is an on-the-spot dismissal without notice for a repudiatory breach of the contract, which means a very serious breach.
Hicks & Gillett contended that there had been repudiatory breaches by both KFL and RBS which therefore entitled them to treat the agreement as having been terminated.
In chapter 3, the author persuasively gainsays any notion of a single Protestant devotional stance vis-a-vis the Virgin Mary by outlining first the repudiatory approaches of Augsburg's earliest, Swiss-influenced reformers and then the qualified reanimation of Marian devotion once the Reformed preachers were replaced with Lutheran ones following the Peace of Augsburg in 1555.
Another avenue might be to argue that the timescale amounts to a repudiatory breach of contract by the builder.
For that to happen a repudiatory breach would have had to have occurred, a breach of a central term of the contract.
might be entitled to treat the breach as repudiatory and set aside the