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I would have taken him with me to see the patient, only I thought that after his last repulse he might not care to go again.
in the rabble, had attempted to carry a glass of water to that wretched creature in torment, there reigned around the infamous steps of the pillory such a prejudice of shame and ignominy, that it would have sufficed to repulse the good Samaritan.
He stretched both hands to repulse the falling rocks.
The men of Torquas had perfected huge guns with which their uncanny marksmanship had permitted them to repulse the few determined efforts that near-by red nations had made to explore their country by means of battle fleets of airships.
But he would not have it so: he was too good a soldier to accept repulse as defeat.
and in froth or bubbles end-- So Satan, whom repulse upon repulse Met ever, and to shameful silence brought, Yet gives not o'er, though desperate of success, And his vain importunity pursues.
Every time Levin tried to penetrate beyond the outer chambers of Sviazhsky's mind, which were hospitably open to all, he noticed that Sviazhsky was slightly disconcerted; faint signs of alarm were visible in his eyes, as though he were afraid Levin would understand him, and he would give him a kindly, good-humored repulse.
The vintner and Mr Haredale, unable to sit quietly listening to the noise without seeing what went on, had climbed to the roof of the house, and hiding behind a stack of chimneys, were looking cautiously down into the street, almost hoping that after so many repulses the rioters would be foiled, when a great shout proclaimed that a parry were coming round the other way; and the dismal jingling of those accursed fetters warned them next moment that they too were led by Hugh.
The statement added that "the popular mobilization troops managed today to repulse an attack by Daash on the outskirts of Samarra, while the artillery the popular mobilization forces managed of targeting a workshop for booby-trapping in the village of Salman North of Makhoul Mountains, resulting in its complete destruction and the death of those in it .
ISLAMABAD -- The brave people of Sialkot and Chawinda sacrificed their lives to repulse the major Indian army attack during the Indo-Pak War on September 6, 1965.
He claimed the opposition forces managed to repulse the attacks at 5:00 am, adding another attempt by the government forces at around 10:30 am on their territory were repulsed with heavy causalities claiming around 20 soldiers from government side were left dead.
Impeccably translated, Pedro de Jesus's latest collection will baffle, delight, and repulse.