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Veblen recognized that "the commercial value of the goods used for clothing in any modern community is made up to a much larger extent of the fashionableness, the reputability of the goods than of the mechanical service which they render in clothing the person of the wearer.
The material offered to us through group discussion among the participants was diverse, from individual conclusions of experienced people in farming to that of others involved in research projects of various sizes and reputability.
English orthography," he wrote, "satisfies all the requirements of the canons of reputability under the law of conspicuous waste.
This has been a tremendous help for me in assessing the usefulness/ reputability of tradesmen, and hopefully it will do the same for you.
In the self-scan business, there are no wars regarding technical standards, predatory pricing or reputability of the competition.
This ensures the authenticity, integrity, non- reputability, and confidentiality of electronically transmitted documents and operations.
Not according to survey participants, 85% of whom gave the information available on the Web high ratings for timeliness, relevance, accuracy and the reputability of its source.
Is not the reputability of the source retailer also a key issue?
Although scholars have issued several compendia of unpublished opinions and internal documents,(137) some of the Justices' papers are accessible only to scholars, lawyers, and journalists who meet criteria of reputability established by the papers' custodians.
In the usual case, however, the police officer's testimony is treated as far more credible than the citizen's, whose reputability is compromised by his status as a criminal defendant.
Edna's struggle to assert an erotic, sexualized subjectivity against the oppressive social and sexual mores of her age and society is paralleled by the text's struggle against conservative notions of reputability for publication and readership.
He began writing it highly conscious of theoretical concerns and their practical applications to the written word and very aware of writing and living on the margin of reputability.