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First of all, he belongs to the generation of Latin Americanists who, in the context of the 1959 Cuban revolution, turned Latin American Studies (and with a strong base in literary and cultural studies) into a respectable academic enterprise, so much so that it can reputably vie in importance on most campuses with English Studies and with the notable displacement of the hegemony of Spanish Peninsular Studies (which were never very hegemonic in the first place).
The widespread distrust of his motives is not helped by the numerous stories--'Ugly Rumours' to quote his one-time pop band--about how much money he will make from his memoirs, reputably already negotiated with Rupert Murdoch, let alone from the lucrative freeway of the American lecture circuit.
Dressed in black and pacing the stage, Sir Bob talked about his business empire - he is reputably worth pounds 35 million - and stressed the need for Britain to embrace the creativity and entrepreneurial skills necessary to forge a leading global economy.
And the youngest player to play in a World Cup qualifying match was Souleymane Mamam for Togo in 2001, reputably at 13 years 310 days.
More than one scholar at more than one conference has pointed out gently they already have a monograph reputably published some years ago on a religious question suddenly 'discovered', or listened to papers on issues that are profoundly religious delivered by researchers shamelessly tone-deaf to the nuances.
Even if he was known posthumously as doctor famosus (because of his sermon production, a reputably drab one), Bertrand de la Tour has received only scant notice by historians.
Human Development and higher per capita Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) correlate with less perceived corruption and with reputably clean leadership.
It also appears more reputably in the hypothetical antinomies of Plato's Parmenides.
122) Also, operators are likely to act more reputably if they are subject to licensing regulations that include requirements such as the payment of operating fees and personal and credit investigations for operators.
Commissioned a lieutenant in January 1797 in the 69th Regiment, reputably from the ranks, O'Hare transferred to the 'Experimental Corps of Riflemen' in March 1800.
Llancaiach Fawr in Nelson - reputably Wales' most haunted house - is hosting regular ghost tours on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday until March.
For example, the ability to walk away from a negative reputation suggests the eBay reputation measure may instead indicate the most recent number of transactions a user has performed reputably in the market.