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We have an expert team with reliable online brand reputation management solutions to evaluate emerging threats in the cyberspace.
Despite the popularity that reputation has gained among scholars and practitioners alike through the past few decades (Davies et al.
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In this paper, we present the proposed system of Account-aided Reputation Management system (ARM).
Harris Poll vice president of reputation management and public affairs Wendy Salomon said, "For an industry that people interact with daily on some of the most important matters in their lives, from arranging mortgages to saving for retirement and college, financial services still lack positive connotations for most of the customers it serves.
Financial services' poor reputation among roughly two-thirds of Americans should be a strong call to action.
Reputation is the sum of many intangible parts, among them a good public image, a reputation for honesty, quality products and services, good management and social responsibility.
The first chapter on Overview of Corporate Reputation argues that reputation can be used as a hammer to negatively impact the top and bottom line, and also a tool or an enabler to positively influence the outcome of company actions and secure competitive advantage.
Van Riel compares the concept of public opinion to corporate reputation and argues that corporate communication managers should avoid any situation when public opinion merges with corporate reputation problems.
The key to understanding reputation then is to realize that it is not based on one event or story: it is an accumulation of events and stories and sometimes personal experiences.
The purpose and contribution of this review is thus to identify the progress made so far in attempts to relate corporate reputation to financial performance, and provide suggestions for future work, bearing in mind the complexity of the construct and the gaps in the literature.
Large corporations are inclined more towards brand reputation management rather than launching new products and companies have started using their online reputations as assets to expand the flow of investments, gain customers and fuel market share.