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Parts of the 8ft brown shawl have been torn out, reputedly to remove bloodstains - but forensic tests to prove its authenticity have been inconclusive.
The fact that the co-founder of Microsoft is reputedly the 19th richest man in the world, with a personal fortune estimated at EUR23billion, will excite followers of the Hampshire underachievers.
More recently it has reputedly been used by NASA to combat motion sickness for astronauts during space travel.
SVEN Goran Eriksson, we are told, has ditched his flamboyant mistress, Nancy of the red catsuit, foil dresses and wayward hair, to keep company with both an old flame and a woman reputedly younger than his daughter.
The proposed fee is around 50million Euros and Los Merengues are reputedly content to make their own Brazilian star Ronaldo a makeweight in the deal Adriano had already shown his desire to stay loyal to the Nerazzuri after shunning the proposal of a move to Chelsea earlier this summer.
Established in 1786 (and reputedly the oldest in the world), Hamburg's water police must now cope with a transformed Harburg harbour.
A pair of Midland auctioneers have uncovered a spine-tingling find - a mirror that reputedly shows the face of the captain of the Titanic on April 14 each year.
Buckley,'' says actor George Wendt, 53, recounting his late-1980s experience as a guest at Bohemian Grove, reputedly the world's most exclusive power-broker retreat, tucked away among the majestic California redwoods of Monte Rio, where, away from the prying eyes of wives and the media, men may devise public policy (the Manhattan Project supposedly was conceived there) but also revel in frat-boy shenanigans.
A harmonium reputedly played by legendary Coronation Street battle-axe Ena Sharples is up for sale after being donated to the auction anonymously.
Its focus is the delightfully named "Fresh Kills" landfill in the New York City borough of Staten Island, which, until its closing in March, was reputedly the largest and certainly the most notorious repository of garbage in the world.
Reputedly one of Serbia's richest men, Arkan was wanted for bank robberies in Western Europe in the 1970s and 1980s.
Bill Moyers has reputedly said it's the best book he's read in 10 years.