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This 17th-century style crystal piece was reputedly a favorite of Louis XIV.
It's easy to make the connection between these pieces and the reputedly fierce Maori culture that inspired them.
With Massachusetts gun control laws reputedly among the toughest in the country, it's no surprise that a criminal technique to bypass the inconveniences those laws create has emerged there--the community gun.
The sauce is reputedly made from pure capsaicin, the substance that makes peppers hot, and testers were said to be blinded by tears for 30 minutes after tasting.
Now let's suppose that we reset the type in a sans serif face, say Helvetica, reputedly one of the more legible sans serif faces.
Dragin, who heads the journalism department at Oakland's Laney College, noted that the victims would include Oakland High's The Aegis, which was established in 1886 and reputedly published Jack London as a schoolboy.
A nice story, given that the skull is reputedly Mozart's.
That brilliance is certainly there, however, as when, in chapter two, Moten cogently addresses the overlapping homophobia and homoeroticism to be found in Amiri Baraka's writing, or as when, speaking of Baraka's ambivalence about the work of reputedly gay composer Cecil Taylor, Moten asks provocatively, "Is jazz a kind of closet[?
Peter, the disciple to whom Christ entrusted the keys of the kingdom, reputedly sat; it includes the Mandylion of Edessa, a third-century image of the face of Jesus on linen considered to be the oldest known likeness of Christ.
Curiously, Bronstein was reputedly the point man on a past Fairey-Adams-Stecyk collaboration.
William McGowan, author of the 2001 antidiversity diatribe Coloring the News (Encounter Books, April 2003), was reputedly working on a book about the paper tentatively rifled Gray Lady Down, also by Encounter.